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Solid Surface Alliance was formed for only one reason, to
gather information on countertop materials.  Many of the
fabricators here work with many types of counter top
materials besides solid surface - granite, wood, laminate
and quartz.   Selling and fabricating all types of materials
gives us the experience and knowledge of the good and
bad points of all materials.  In the end, we believe that for
most people, solid surface makes the best choice for
kitchens and bath counter tops.

Our goals

  • To provide accurate information on solid surface
    verified by links to reputable industry sites
  • To fund testing of counter top materials by
    independent labs.
  • To gather or link to information on  granite, quartz
    and other counter top materials.

Current projects include a full scale Radon test using a
granite countertop, a granite shop dust survey, sending
out samples of radioactive granite to researchers, and
several other projects.
Mission Statement

Recognizing the need for the counter top industry to present honest, verifiable
information to the design community, the fabrication community, and the public
at large, the Solid Surface Alliance exists to serve its members as they work
toward that goal.

Through sponsorship of testing and other research, assistance in public
relations, and through open, respectful discussion, the Solid Surface Alliance will
be a repository for the knowledge gained, and promotion to be used to further
the goals of the industry.

Partnership without intimidation;
Debate without rancor;
Research without bias.

Providing our patrons with the information they need, presented with the
confidence of personal experience.

That is our belief, our goal, and our mission
We have a Forum set up where
consumers and fabricators can post
questions or get the latest information
on the granite controversies